Partner Companies

Balanced Strategy Group's Partners

To bring the best services to our clients, BSG has supplemented its own offerings through partnership with a select group of  specialist consulting firms and individual practitioners experienced in strategy execution.  Balanced Strategy Group, with support of these partners, can provide a unique, world class set of offerings and approaches to address your strategy execution needs.


Each partner provides a particular and complementary expertise to BSG's Offering.  Each is independently recognized in its field of expertise.  And, each partner, has an approach that is complimentary in philosophy and practice.  This partnership allows the client to receive the cutting edge services from recognized experts in order to meet their specific requirements.


Balanced Strategy Group and its Partners provide deep expertise in the following areas:


          Strategy Clarification - in Private, Public and Not-for-Profit sectors

  • The Balanced Strategy Group has worked for over 10 years helping clients through their strategy clarification process.  Using a combination of the standard strategy techniques: Setting Mission, Vision and Values; Strategic Destination; using external and internal Environmental Scanning; Formulating Strategic Issues and building a Change Agenda; summarized in a Strategy Map that articulates the Strategy.  BSG has particular expertise in the Banking and Mortgage Industries In the public and not-for-profit sectors, BSG has worked with a network of  seasoned consultants that translate private sector best practice to mission driven organizations. 

Strategy Execution - leveraging the Balanced Scorecard Principles

  • In addition to Strategy Clarification, BSG and its partner firms, extend their service expertise to Strategy Execution using the principles of the Balanced Scorecard.  Working in both private and public sectors since the inception of the Balanced Scorecard.  BSG and its network of practitioners brings to clients a unique combination of industry and broad consulting experience. We make the client experience practical and rewarding.

    Scenario Planning  - linked to strategy formulation and execution in various situations/circumstances

  • Since 1979, a partner firm. is recognized as the world's preeminent research and consulting firm in the field of business and competitive intelligence.  The firm provides research and analysis, strategic consulting, business intelligence process consulting, and training to help clients understand the external competitive environment. Like BSG, their goal is to help clients improve their performance by making better decisions through the application of solid intelligence on their markets and competitors. The firm has served public and private organizations, including over half the U.S. Fortune 500, as well as numerous international clients.

    Reporting Technology - software as a service
  • BSG's Partners have the state of the art technology to support client strategy reporting needs.  ESM Software  is a prime example of a selected software partner.  Their communication and reporting software adheres to the Balanced Scorecard Best Practices.  Our partner's software that can scale to meet any organizational needs, the reporting tool provides a ready solution to this critical element of strategy execution.  The software partners have experience in all sectors: private, public and not-for-profit.  They have tailored their systems to accommodate specific client requirements for usability and security. 
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