Balanced Strategy Group Training Seminars

BSG Training Seminars cover the continuum from Strategy Formulation to Strategy Execution teaching you to actively manage your organization's strategic performance.

Who Should Attend?

C-Level Executives:
  • Vice Presidents and their General Managers
  • Strategy Management Directors and Staff
  • Financial, Human Resource, and other Functional Managers

Optional Training Formats are offered  to meet your needs:
  • Half-Day Executive Briefing - introduces concepts and builds executive awareness;
  • One Day Education Course - links concepts with design methods for Executives and Managers
  • Two Day Workshops - prepares Internal Staff for Strategy Clarification and Execution responsibilities;

Client Reviews:

"Thank you for teaching the Translating Strategy into Action using the Balanced Scorecard program for the Carlson Executive Education.  You did a terrific job, receiving a 4.8 rating on a 5 point scale for your subject matter knowledge."
- Ginny Steele, Director, Open Enrollment Programs, Executive Education, Carlson School of Management

'"The presentation, content and style are all excellent. Probably the best structure I have experienced."
- GM Manufacturing, Aligning the Strategy Course

"I loved hearing from the  practitioners. Great actionable hints."
- VP Human Resources, Financial Services, Managing the Strategy Management Process Course

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Examples of BSG's Training Courses:  Overview

1. Strategy Clarification

Learn How To:
  • Develop a Strategy Clarification Process
  • Define Mission, Vision and Strategic Destination
  • Conduct external micro/macro analysis
  • Identify and prioritize Strategic issues
  • Link Strategy Formation and Strategy Execution using a Strategy Map

2. Strategy Execution

A. Mapping Strategy using the Balanced Scorecard

Learn How To:
  • Create a Strategy Map - defining destination, value proposition, and strategic themes with linked objectives
  • Design a Scorecard - Selecting measures, setting targets and aligning strategic projects
  • Assign Roles and Responsibilities for design and administration
  • Develop the first BSC Report and Plan the Strategy Review Meeting

B. Aligning the Organization

Learn How To:
  • Define the Role of the Corporation
  • Achieve Line and Staff Unit alignment
  • Link Strategy to Human Capital Management
  • Align rewards and incentive compensation to the Strategy

3. Managing the Strategy Management Process

Learn How To:

  • Understand the leaders role Leader/Manager
  • Coordinate management activities - Designing a Strategy Management Office
  • Link planning and budgeting to strategy
  • Build effective reporting systems to monitor and drive performance

Unique Benefits of BSG Tailored Training Seminars

  • Take away real world examples of clarifying and executing strategy for your organization
  • Leverage Best Practice and Methods used around the world
  • Learn from experienced consultants/ instructors

BSG works with clients to tailor the Right Training, At the Right Time,  with the Right Courses to support your strategy execution process!