Welcome to Balanced Strategy Group LLC

Our Mission

The purpose of Balanced Strategy Group is "To Help Organizations Build Strategic Management Capability".

We believe that the only way to strategic success is to build the organizational expertise to execute strategy.  That is why BSG's approach is one of partnering with client to ensure strategy execution skills are learned and applied.  We found that the best way to ensure this happens is to apply a proven and integrated set of services and solutions.  At BSG, we supplement not substitute for the clients own staff and expertise.  We do this through our tailored training, consulting and coaching services. 


Over the years, we have partnered with private, public and not-for-profit organizations to build client centric Strategy management Capability.  Through this client partnership, we have successfully executed strategy leveraging the client's people, processes and tools.


Our goal is to transfer the ability to make strategy execution a core competency of our clients.


Balanced Strategy Group Services 

We provide clients the latest approaches in  Strategy Execution.  Specifically, we work with clients in Strategy Clarification and Implementation, Human Capital Development and when required, Scenario Planning and Cost and Profitability Analysis.

Working with Leadership Teams and partnering with designated internal staff, we provide the necessary Training, Consulting and Coaching to ensure the client builds the skills to Assess, Design and Implement programs that drive strategic results. 


By navigating through the tabs above, descriptions of our offerings and solutions are provided.


"(BSG)... takes pride in helping clients build their own capabilities to solve their business challenges."

- Dan Houston, President Retirement, Insurance and Financial Services, Principal Financial Group